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Confidence Loss and Skill Confusion

Trampolining - Double-Mini Trampoline, Artistic Gymnastics - Tumbling
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Using expert coaching and sports psychology, Gymnastics Guru has a reputation for its skilled work with gymnasts with confidence loss or skill confusion.


Using proven techniques and methods we can help you build up your confidence again.

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We have worked with numerous gymnasts of all levels, who have had issues with confidence in gymnasts.


Whether this is confidence with previous skills, new skills, competition nerves we have done it all.

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What's included?

With this session, we provide a free telephone consultation prior to you booking with us; this is so we can get an idea of exactly how to manage your situation and set a plan for moving forward. Your sessions will include session-by-session note taking to keep track of your progress, constant monitoring of your sessions to keep you on target & progress reviews for block booking sessions.

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Holly's story trampoline

Holly's Story

My 12 year old daughter Holly had been struggling for 4 months with backward movements. She had taken a heavy fall during competition which both scared her and caused slight muscular injury. Her coach had worked with her, going back to basics, with lots of patience and encouragement, but no improvement.


Aaron, an elite trampoline coach at City of Leeds, was highly recommended to me to help, as he has a masters in psychology. With Holly having a diagnosis of Autism and Learning Disability, we though the skills Aaron would possess could help massively, and he did not disappoint!! He was very courteous during our messaging and swiftly arranged a suitable time for me to bring Holly in.


We were both apprehensive as she struggles with unfamiliar surroundings and new people, however Aaron and the club made us both feel welcome, and she walked into the gym without hesitation. Watching on the TV screen in the cafe area was fascinating.


Obviously what was discussed between them I could not advise, (and Holly cannot remember!!), however what I saw was my anxious daughter who initially stood with her fingers to her mouth, grow confidence and her stance changed totally. She became more relaxed as the time passed and the movements were less hesitant. Aaron worked with Holly on a 1:1 basis for an hour, during which time I saw her somersault backwards for the first time in months. The session ended with her somersaulting freely and confidently, and full of smiles. I had advised Hollys coach at Kirklees Rebound that we were attending this session and she was totally accepting of this. We had not had chance to discuss Aarons session in full prior to her next training session so she was in total shock when Holly was warming up and somersaulting as she used to.


All I can say is what an absolutely fantastic service you provided Aaron. Whatever you said and did during this hour has totally made a difference with Holly. We cannot thank you enough.


I would highly recommend anyone who’s child is struggling for whatever reason, to book in with Aaron. 

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